A possible set of values with which to define "Sustainability" is the term ""Survivance"": "At face value, the term “survivance” invokes, but suggests something more than mere survival or subsistence. Deconstructed, sur-vivance divulges a bursting forth of life. Sur: above and beyond, rhyming in intent with hyper, meta, super. Vivance: the French take on the Latin root for vitality, vigor, and vivaciousness. Thus, survivance: hyper vitality, super vigor. Surviving as thriving. Thriving as surviving."

A Five day workshop on Survivance held from Berlin in July 2021: "Situated in the semantic intersection of survival, maintenance and resistance of the deliberately imprecise term “Survivance” coined by writer and activist Gerald Vizenor, this edition of the New Alphabet School in Porto will convoke the concept as a “renunciations of dominance, tragedy and victimry”.

* See also the current issue of E-Flux in collaboration with the Guggenheim, on the theme of "Survivance"