Week 1: Introductions

The Challenge: What is "Sustainability" as a framework? How do its ideas play out in the SDGs and Agenda 2063? How would these approaches apply Cape Town's urban back yard: the Cape Flats south?

Feb 13, 2023

Week 2: Our Shared Present: The Commons

Understanding the idea of the Commons: in air, water, land; Common wealth and common poverty via the idea of urban metabolism.

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Week 3: Pasts Present

Engaging activists, and colleagues from geology, archaeology and history of the area. Understanding different “big pictures” and contending views and values.

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Week 4: Futures Present: The Africa We Want

Engaging activists, policy, science, arts of the area: Understanding different “big pictures” and contending views and values.

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Week 5: Learning to See & Question

Field Trip and Group Projects on Unsustainabilities

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Week 6: Learning to Be Present

Thinking from your feet. What is it to do research? For whom? Where do your research questions come from?

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Week 7: Learning Together

Project 1 Presentations: Unsustainabilities

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Week 8: Learning to Hear

Community concerns: From stories and problems to research questions

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Week 9: Learning to Imagine Solutions

Developing Project 2: Proposals and Innovation

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Week 10: Learning to Re-Think

Questioning Key Words e.g. “Development”; “Sustainability”; Working towards paradigm shift. Finalise Project 2

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Week 11: Learning to Propose and Innovate: Design, Infrastructure and Solutions

Present Project 2: What solutions to your team's problem have been tried elsewhere?

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Week 12: Learning to Negotiate: How to prioritise, trade-off and reach consensus

Learning the arts of mediation -- facilitated exercise in negotiating

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Week 13: Course Review

What have we learned?

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